Top Entries



Kajal Seevaparsaid
Age: 34
Location: Pretoria, Centurion
Favorite books: Angels, Healing anything on Spirituality
Movies: Horrors
Hobbies: I love to socialize and meet new people… I enjoy playing volleyball listening to music and cooking ….


Clare Hurst
West Yorkshire
My interests are shopping listening to any types of music, movies , Modelling has its being dream and passion to get into the Industry has its something I have always wanted to do as I committed in furthering my career if given the opportunity has I am very outgoing bubbly person who always has a smile on her face and very confident in front of the camera and I also love spending time with my family and friends has that’s always my priority life they will always come first. My favourite Movies are Home alone 1 and 2 the note book, dirty dancing , while you was sleeping, sleepless in Seattle and my father the hero as you can see I am a romantic person and the book I like to read are like harry potter 50 shades of grey the thirteenth tale and lord of the rings books and I like my magazines as well such as shout, take a breaks, mizz and Cosmo.


Amelda Lottering
Age: 21
Location: SA Johannesburg City


Tope Entries for November 2015

Mariska-Lee Changane.
Location: Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa.
My hobbies are going to Church, designing, abstract painting, writing short stories and poems. Some of my other hobbies is watching Big Bang Theory with my sibling and lazing around with family.



Age:  22 years old
Location:  South Africa, Jhb
I am a free spirit who sees the beauty in everyday life





Top Entries for October 2015

Tyla Erin Matthyser.
Age:  14 years
Location: JHB in South Africa.
My hobbies include charity work, dancing, modelling and spending as much time with my Yorkie puppy, Princess Mia, as possible. I am a free spirit who loves the outdoors and I enjoy challenging myself by doing things like motor cross riding and zip lining. My motto is to live life fearlessly. I believe that we were born into a world full of amazing opportunities and I intend grabbing each one as it comes my way with absolutely no regret.


Dominique Pretorius
Age: 26 years
Location: Johannesburg South Africa
Hobbies include: having a good workout. spending time with friends and family. Crafting and visiting children’s homes.  My favorite read for 2015 has to be the hilarious Rosie Project.  ​Life is beautiful own it!


Tanya Pillay
Age: 29
Durban South Africa
As a person I am loyal, loving & there at the drop of a hat should the people I love need me. I’m a daddy’s girl to the core attribute the person I am to him. I also believe honesty is the best policy, I cannot lie. I have a massive heart & love hard.  I’m a huge nerd, I love Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Dr Who but my biggest passion is music & I even have two tattoos of music notes & play guitar. I loves arts & crafts (jewellery making & crochet) & write poetry which I have published on wattpad. I have au paired in Washington DC for two years & love to travel. My best friend would say I’m a great cook.

Top Entries For September 2015

Tanisha Coetzee
 Age: 17 
My family and friends are my number one. My personal goal in life is to become someone who people are able to look up to and trust. My motto to live is Stay strong because life goes on.  I am very interested in fashion design and being in front of the camera. My favorite book would have to be the two books by Hilary Duff, Elixir and Devoted. I’m currently living in South Africa, Centurion.

Nichole Boshoff
Age: 24
Location: Fourways South Africa
Active and playing sports like Tennis and golf. Enjoys spending time with loved ones, and walking her dogs. Her hobbies include ; drawing and making jewellery. Favorite books are from the crime genre and CSI is among one of her favorite series watches.


Robyn du Preez
: 18
Christian South African University Student Interests: Languages and Linguistics, Music, Art, Poetry and History. Hobbies: Reading, baking, writing and playing music. Other: Family-orientated, and a lover of nature.


Top Entries for August 2015

Name: Rozell  van der Merwe
Age: 26
South Africa
I would like to think of myself as an old fashioned, no-nonsense young woman, honest and loyal. I value my relationships and I value the importance of friends and family. I believe that the most important thing in life is to live. My daily motivational goal is to be a better person than yesterday, to love, to laugh, to be kind and compassionate. I succeed most days. I’m in love with nature and love all animals, hopeless romantic, accountant by day and professional dancer by night. I read a lot of fortune cookie advise and I now live by these words “do more than just exist” Hobbies Dancing (professionally) Singing (in the shower, not professionally) Reading Working with animals/pet breeding/conserving wildlife And studying (this currently consumes most of my time, although it does not really count as a hobby)

Leandri Geldenhuys
Age: 27

South Africa
I’m a mom of 2 gorgeous girls and enjoy reading, writing, watching movies and just spending time with my family.
Author of: Rose of Caverndish


Danyele Bradford
Age: 15 Years old
She loves reading, drawing, and playing volleyball. She’s got a big heart and is fiercely protective of those she loves.