A Big Welcome To Our Newest Member To The Team

Here at FQP we grow with a speed of light. We get so many authors that want to become part of our family, who wants us to publish their novels and we can’t tell you how grateful and blessed we are. So with growing on our author base, which is still relatively small as we only strive to publish the best, we had to find someone that is just going to be as passionate about words, and novels, like the rest of our team, as that is what drives this company, passion.

So we searched for that special someone that will fit into FQP and is excited to introduce you to our newest family member, as everyone here at FQP feels like family.

Welcome Jessie Campbell.

Here is a little more about Jessie.

HeadshotJessie Campbell is an editor at FQP. A frequent panelist at UTOPiA Con, she worked in the editorial department at one of the largest independent book publishers in the US. She holds a bachelor degree in sociology from MTSU and a certificate for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She has experience proofreading, copyediting, line editing, and developmental editing YA and middle grade novels, adult nonfiction, and picture books. Jessie’s editorial style is about helping the author’s voice shine through — polishing, not demolishing. She believes that a good relationship between the publisher and the author is the best way to serve the reader.

Jessie is a fiction writer with over fifteen short publications at indie presses. One day, her own novel will be published — if it doesn’t kill her first. She’s obsessed with books (with a soft spot for fantasy), hiking, dogs, sharks, ancient history, and global travel. Her wanderlust led her to sell everything and move to Costa Rica, where she lived for two years. Only a job as an editor in the book business finally drew her back to the States, where she now lives in literary Boston, Massachusetts. 

You are a wonderful asset to our ever growing publishing company.

Interested to become an FQP author, please visit our submission’s page and send in your manuscripts. We can’t wait to read them.


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